BeWell Area by ThinkWell

Ever at the leading edge of human connection, Togetherness has commissioned the pioneering ThinkWell to weave intimacy and connection into the very fabric of our organisational structure.

Innovative crew and leadership training means even our stewards will be filled up with Togetherness before they hit the doors, desks and clipboards to keep our event running smoothly - and lovingly.

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The ThinkWell crew will also be running our Wellbeing Area:

because we know this intimacy stuff can bring up the teensy weensiest bit of feelings from time to time and we want to be there to catch you, so you can leave feeling even more loved up and juicy, whatever “stuff” comes to the surface during the event.

ThinkWell will be sharing cutting edge listening and intimacy technology, with space in our gorgeous Emperor Bell Tent to just chill, be still, and recalibrate if it all gets a bit exciting. You might access one of our resourcing audios, or seek round the clock support from the experienced BeWell listeners, either individually, or in small groups (subject to availability).

BeWell Opening Hours

Friday 12-2pm and 6-10pm

Saturday 9.30-10pm

Sunday 9.30-5pm

ThinkWell are Roma Norriss and Alice Irving. They offer corporate consultancy and wellbeing (drawing on their intimacy work with families), for organisations who - like the most successful in silicon valley - know that building safety builds excellence.