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What are you curious to know about the opposite sex?


Do you have questions you would really like to know the answer to? Like when a man goes silent and won’t let on why, what’s he thinking? Or what ways is it okay to show attraction towards women without causing offence?


We have created this brave space to share and explore the questions we feel can’t always be asked directly. There is no fixing here, no solutions. Simply compassionate non judgemental enquiry and lived first hand experience. 


Join us for this live panel discussion, ask your own questions, offer your own answers and listen to others. This evening can be touching, surprising, entertaining and enlightening in equal measures.


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Taking place at the Joiners on Worship.

The spacious and airy venue is in zone 1 London, 7 mins walk from Old St tube station.

The venue has a full bar and selection of hot food which will be available on the night.



The evening is split into 3 parts:


The Questions - browse the questions which have been submitted in advance and vote for the ones you want to be answered by adding stickers. Write your own questions and add them to the mix.

The Panel - our carefully-curated panel are invited to answer questions. Each question is then opened up to the floor as audience members are free to offer their own answers.

The Discussion - we invite you to join smaller groups to discuss your experience before coming back together as a whole to wrap up. 


The Rules


We've found these rules useful in creating this space of curiosity and goodwill. They apply to everyone answering questions, panel and audience.


1. Assume the best in others

At all times, uphold the goodness in the others and in the way they take part. Be courteous and polite and when looking at questions, assume they are coming from a place of goodwill and curiosity. Try to avoid taking anything personally.


2. Speak from the I

When answering you are invited to always speak from your own personal experience and never on behalf of others. Its very common for different people to give totally conflicting answers and this is welcomed. Speaking from your personal experience makes it easier for others to relate to you words. Always speak from the I. If you forget, our resident bell ringer will gently ting ting ting to remind you to come back to your own experience.


3. Answer as honestly as you possibly can 

Because in order to learn about each other, we need to hear we actually feel and think. Much misunderstanding and separation comes from presenting what we think we should (rather than what's really there).

This is a different type of space where this honesty is invited, welcomed and valued. Sometimes that might feel a little uncomfortable and this part of the process is celebrated too.


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