Join internationally acclaimed author, sexologist and body worker Andrew Barnes for ground breaking seminars on a rare visit to London.


In this seminar Andrew discusses

  • The full extent and structure of the clitoris
  • The location of your G-spot and how to awaken it
  • The truth about the female prostate gland and ejaculation
  • How the unresolved issues toward men block women from expanding their sexual energy • and orgasm
  • How to identify blocks to orgasm
  • How to understand Full Body Energetic Orgasm
  • What the difference is between a G-spot and Cervix ejaculation

This is aimed at being a fun, informative event, which you will leave armed with all the knowledge that you need to feel secure and confident in your own genitals. But more than being simply about sex, this workshop addresses a much more important subject: that of women reclaiming their sexuality and sexual knowledge.


Many man have been conditioned to rely on friction-based techniques in their lovemaking, and as a result become goal oriented sexually. In this seminar you will learn why shifting the focus to an energetic sexual perspective can transform lovemaking into expanded bliss states for you and your partner.

In this seminar Andrew discusses

  • The causes of men’s addiction to ejaculation and  the solutions
  • The intricate physiology of the lingam (penis) 
  • How men can discover their sexual cycle and use it to follow the natural rhythms of their body
  • How men can have multi-orgasmic experiences
  • How to channel sexual energy to become a source for accessing bliss states, higher states of consciousness and self actualisation


Andrew offers an in-depth understanding of and solutions to the most common problems that drain love from our relationships, bringing new awareness and skills to conscious communication, boundary setting, love, sexuality, and relationships.

This seminar is designed for anyone interested to go into deeper levels of pleasure and expand in their sexual and spiritual life.

In this seminar Andrew discusses

  • Practical techniques that transform lovemaking for men and women
  • The origins, rise and domination of the soulmate delusion and how it hinders relationships
  • The cycles in relationships and how to become aware of them
  • His unique relationship map and solutions to relationship difficulties
  • Moving beyond goal oriented sexuality to present time focused sexuality
  • How to access sexual energy as a fuel for living
  • New paradigms of sexuality

You will leave with new insight how to reach new heights of ecstasy and how to explore sexual energy in your lovemaking and your relationship.

All seminars take place from 6:30 -10pm at the Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster GateLondon, England, W2 3NS

Full Body Energy Orgasm Retreat 19 - 22 Oct

During this retreat we will be exploring sensual and sexual breath practices, dance, emotional de-armouring and giving and receiving Full Body Energy Orgasm sessions.

In this unique retreat you will have an opportunity to learn how to give and receive these energetic sessions. This course is for practitioners, for individuals, and couples wanting to deepen into there relationships, sexuality, and spiritual lives.

The videos below show what you will be learning, and the seminars in the proceeding days will give you an idea of what topics will be discussed during the workshop.


To access our sexual energy as a fuel for living, we need to become present-time focused in our bodies and in our sexuality. Most of us are past time focused, using our past experiences as a way to related to our sexual experiences now.

When we become present-time focused, it becomes possible to use our sexual energy and our bodies as a spiritual platform for accessing higher levels of consciousness, and to create bliss states for healing our body.

Join us in co creating the new paradigm of relationships and sexuality.

  • Opening the Tantric energy pathways to support heightened states of sexual ecstatic full bodied orgasmic bliss.

  • Exploring sexual energy as a transformational current to support the clearing of the emotional body.

  • Learn about the primary and secondary sexual systems of men and women.

  • Learn the Cacao Orgastic Breath Dance Meditation.

  • Learn keys to cultivate your inner life force and use your sexual energy as a fuel for living.

  • Move beyond only experiencing friction focused sexuality, and tap into your higher evolutionary creative potential.

  • Experience an ecstatic sense of interconnection with the creative field of life.

  • Use your sexual energy to create bliss states in the body for healing.

  • Use your sexual energy to access higher levels of consciousness and to active the higher level chakras and glands in the body.

  • Discover the healing and expanded orgasmic energy of the yoni and lingam.

  • Explore finding solutions to relationship issues through using the Relationship Map.


“If we know sexuality as an intuitive meditation, it transforms into a gateway, opening to a deeper level of energetic experience, and an expansion of consciousness. With this, a knowing of deep love for self and others that transcends personal relations returns, becoming a reunion back to the ultimate source of creation, and a realisation that we are one”. Andrew Barnes 2009.


This retreat is an intensive, fun, and highly experiential for both men and women who want to expand their horizons and explore maximum potentials. You’ll learn new skills and know more about yourself than you ever did before.


Note: At the beginning of our retreat, we will establish guidelines and boundaries so that every participant feels fully honoured and supported in moving only as fast and as far as their sense of safety permits. No one is required to do anything they do not want to do, and we will create a social group without peer group pressure, so each person decides their level of involvement. 



Places are £320 per person or £600 when booked as a couple ( you need to book together to get the couple rate, it cannot be applied later).

To book put down a deposit of £70 for a single person or £140 for a couple through eventbrite. The rest should be paid in cash on the first evening of the retreat.