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How to Have Very Clear Ideas with Charles Davies

  • House of Togetherness 14-16 Betterton St London WC2H 9BU United Kingdom (map)

Would you like to be clearer about what you’re doing? 

Able to sum up a new project, or your life’s work, or your holiday plans or whatever in a single sentence?
And be able to test that sentence to make sure it’s true?
And refine it until it’s perfect?

Charles Davies has been teaching people how to be clear for about a decade. He’s worked with publishers, lawyers, tech companies, artists, entrepreneurs, the NHS, CEOs, painters… basically anyone who might be helped by having clearer ideas. (ie. everyone.)

For this evening workshop, bring something (or a few things) you might like to get clear about. 
There will be tea and honey and snacks. And you'll get a set of Charlie's Very Clear Ideas cards to take home with you.

“The workshop structure and delivery were excellent. I came away from the day with a clear and easy to use process to explore and test what it is that motivates a person (be it myself or someone I am trying to help). In the interval since the workshop I have successfully used the process to understand myself and my motivations better. I have also shared the process with a number of other people, and without exception they have found it easy to use and insightful.’’

Professor John D. Kelleher — Dublin Institute of Technology

“Charlie is the alarm cord I pull when my own head gets too confusing. He cuts through the babble to see what’s going on like no-one else can. Charlie should come with a health warning as this can be highly-disruptive (and much needed) work.”

Kathryn Sheridan — Founder and CEO, Sustainability Consult

“I’m not even sure what Charles said or what I said, but what I do know is this. I messaged Charles later that night with the following: “All I know is that everything from here is going to be OK.”

Chris Drummond — Founder, Good Things Brewing

House of Togetherness

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House of Togetherness is the pop-up Home of Human Connections in Covent Garden, here for just 3 months. We create live experiences that explore our relationship with ourselves and others in a playful, meaningful and often profound way.

We welcome everyone beyond their identity, labels and beliefs. There are no shoulds or musts at HoT only permission to be yourself.

What You Should Bring

We have locker rooms so bring a (returnable) pound if you wish to use them.

We're a sustainable venue and no longer use disposable cups for our events. Please bring a refillable water bottle or coffee cup for drinks. Alternatively we have reusable cups you can purchase from our tuck shop for £2.50 (and get 50p off any drink).What You Should Bring