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Rage Club

  • House of Togetherness 14-16 Betterton St London WC2H 9BU United Kingdom (map)

Join Rich Watkins for an evening of exploring, expressing and embracing the part of you that rages.

Sometimes it seems like society thinks all anger is violence. But the feeling of anger is a natural human response to life happening, and feeling and accepting our real emotions is vital part of healthy human life.

With very few public spaces to express rage safely, we bottle it up - and it creeps out in unhelpful ways - outwards as aggression or inwards against ourselves. This is bad news for society and bad news for us as individuals.

In this context RAGE CLUB is a game we play together. It's a taboo-breaking, non-violent, non-therapeutic, non-judgemental space to explore rage - to express our anger and witness the anger of others. Come with your rage - you will leave feeling unashamed, energised, powerful and connected.

“What a wonderful space - a genuine journey - something shifted”
“Really got me to look at my rage with more kindness”
“I’ve never been to anything like that before and I'm glad I did”

What to expect
The format flows to support the building of trust together and the encouragement to express however much you feel OK with. There is no physical contact but you will be making noise and expressing emotions. Everything an invitation into Rage but always with your own boundaries and ok to sit out at any point.

The foundation is the FIVE REALITIES OF RAGE:

1. Rage is universal

2. Rage isn’t violent

3. Rage comes out (one way or another)

4. Rage isn’t rational

5. Rage is power

Then we play with different practices to embody, enjoy and express rage. The mix is always a little different but you can expect sharing, drawing, moving, stamping, breathing, dancing.

SELF-CARE LABEL: Rage Club is a game not therapy. The space will be supportive but our advice is to only come if you feel well equipped to deal with some strong feelings.

About Rich Watkins
Rich Watkins is focused on exploring human relationships, group dynamics and our inner lives. Rage Club is a brand new concept but he's been facilitating groups for twenty years.

House of Togetherness

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House of Togetherness is the pop-up Home of Human Connections in Covent Garden, here for just 3 months. We create live experiences that explore our relationship with ourselves and others in a playful, meaningful and often profound way.

We welcome everyone beyond their identity, labels and beliefs. There are no shoulds or musts at HoT only permission to be yourself.

What You Should Bring

We have locker rooms and showers so bring a pound coin and a towel if you wish to use them. 

We're a sustainable venue and no longer use disposable cups for our events. Please bring a refillable water bottle or coffee cup for drinks. Alternatively we have reusable cups you can purchase from our tuck shop for £2.50 (and get 50p off any drink).