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Intimacy Safari with Adam Wilder

  • House of Togetherness 14-16 Betterton St London WC2H 9BU United Kingdom (map)

A playful evening exploring new and unusual ways of connecting with others. Often we fall into the same safe patterns in how we meet other people. Intimacy Safari gives you the chance to explore new territory. 

This fully facilitated and guided session involves ways of meeting others inspired by the character and movements of animals. From big cats on all fours rubbing shoulders with each other, to skittish meerkats, to horses to the etheric ballet of jellyfish. Inhabiting the behaviour of others is a way of increasing our personal emotional and connective range.

Participants can take part either by watching others from the 'jeep' area, or by physically moving through the space as the various animals as guided by the host. At the end, the host guides participants back to human ways of connecting which may involve looking at each other in the eyes, touching hands or even spooning as the participants wish. All touch at this session (like everything else at Togetherness) is entirely optional and up to the individual. The idea of personal sovereignty is central to the work we do at Togetherness.

The evening lasts 90 minutes with an opportunity for discussion at the end.

About Adam Wilder

Adam Wilder is a Connection & Intimacy coach, trained Counsellor and founder of the Togetherness movement. He is currently undergoing certification as a trainer in the Wheel of Consent.

House of Togetherness

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House of Togetherness is the pop-up Home of Human Connections in Covent Garden, here for just 3 months. We create live experiences that explore our relationship with ourselves and others in a playful, meaningful and often profound way.

We welcome everyone beyond their identity, labels and beliefs. There are no shoulds or musts at HoT only permission to be yourself.

What You Should Bring

We have locker rooms so bring a (returnable) pound if you wish to use them.

We're a sustainable venue and no longer use disposable cups for our events. Please bring a refillable water bottle or coffee cup for drinks. Alternatively we have reusable cups you can purchase from our tuck shop for £2.50 (and get 50p off any drink).What You Should Bring