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Together At Last Festival

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You are invited to the House of Togetherness finalé.

A festival for all your senses, celebrating a journey of transformation, endings and getting ourselves ready for new beginnings.

This event is split into 2 parts, Day Festival and Night Festival. You can come to one, the other or both.

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Day Festival 2-7pm

The Togetherness Experience: Experience what Togetherness is all about in the festival opening session which builds personal sovereignty, connection, playfulness and intimacy in the group. With Togetherness founder, Connection & Intimacy Coach Adam Wilder.

Science of Connection: Our nervous systems have a lot to do with how we connect. In this workshop we will look at how it responds and learn tools and hacks to bring ourselves back into connection with ourself and others when we are feeling out of sorts. With Director of Oasis Massage, Roger Jackson

Transformation with Clay: Use clay as a medium for getting in touch with those parts of yourself you wish to transform. Externalise the process and turn the lump of clay into alchemical gold! With Anke Buchmann

Play Your Mask: Mask making art therapy experience, exploring the different masks we wear and why. Learning to play with them so they don't play us. With Art Therapist Charlie Roberts.

Journey of the Senses: Take part in a sensory experience covering the 5 senses. Re-discover simple sensory pleasures, allow your body to relax and delight in the unexpected. With Togetherness Team

PLUS Argentinian Connection Massage sessions with Ceci Guarna, Quiet Space chill out room, Togetherness Cafe with hot drinks and healthy snacks.

*Please note 2 activities run concurrently so you will not be able to attend everything at the same time

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Night Festival 8pm - midnight

Last Rites for the House 8pm

Immersive ceremonial experience. As we say a playful farewell to the house, you will be invited to look at what you want to let go of in yourself to make space for what is longing to be born before we burst into the party part of the night.

Super Special Guests Dance Journey DJs: Three hours of ecstatic dance with international guest DJ team. We are so excited to have them onboard.

Human Contact Lab: Non-verbal Communication, Blindfolded Adventure Time, Stay Sovereign Play Space, Spooning Zone and other adventures and experiments in human connection.

PLUS UV Art Room, make your own UV art, Facial Adornment Station, dress your face up for the party, Argentinian Connection Massage sessions with Ceci Guarna, Record Room, make a video about what connection and Togetherness mean to you, Quiet Space chill out room, Togetherness Cafe with hot drinks and healthy snacks.


Day Festival £35

Night Festival £25

Full Festival Pass £49

Taking place at the gorgeous House of Togetherness for the last time in Covent Garden.

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