Authentic Leader Training 

Learn how to take off the mask and unleash your full leadership potential  

A 3 day training in authentic leadership for facilitators, entrepreneurs and professionals


24 - 26 May, London, 2022

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This training is designed to help leaders take off the mask and lead from a deeper, more authentic place, in a way that is self-expressive, inspiring and flexible in response to conditions of uncertainty.

It is a highly-experiential weekend training that has been run for more than 700 participants in 16 cities. The training is adapted to the culture of the group and city in which it is held, and changes during the weekend according to participants’ needs.

The core practices employed are Authentic Relating and Circling. These practices have been proven to create distinct shifts in communication skills, empathetic awareness and authentic expression even within a few days.

You'll learn

  • How to construct powerful experiences, including Authentic Relating events and games, for groups of any kind

  • How, when and why to express your truth in leadership

  • How to enrol others in your vision

  • When to direct and when to facilitate interactions

  • Your personal leadership superpowers and shadows

  • Leading in situations of uncertainty 

  • The ART of Facilitative Leadership: Authentic, Responsive, and Transparent

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After the course, all participants will be given a certificate of completion.

You will then be eligible to test for certification as an Authentic Facilitator.

If you pass, you will be recognised by Authentic Revolution and their sister nonprofit Seek Healing and listed in their facilitator database for clients to find.‚Äč

How does the Authentic Facilitator Training benefit leaders?

Research in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and other publications has shown a strong correlation between effective leadership and a high level of empathy, authenticity, and self-awareness.


Empathy is a natural outcome of authenticity practice and training. We have found that by interacting directly with others’ worldviews and working towards understanding, training participants develop much higher levels of both cognitive and emotional empathy over a period of weeks. Some regular participants even find a decrease in the severity of social learning conditions such as Asperger's.


In studies of more than 6,500 employees, researchers found that that a leader’s behavioral integrity - the congruency between what he or she says and does - was the strongest single factor influencing profit at the companies. Authentic Relating de-stigmatises authenticity, allowing leaders to share their process as well as their decisions, and creating congruence between a leader’s words and actions. This creates a culture of truth that makes teams more durable, productive, and happier.


Leaders who can view their own behaviour with some degree of objectivity can identify their strengths and weaknesses, find the areas of greatest impact for their own leadership, and build trust with their teams by empowering others to help them create a stronger organisation. Internal and external transparency is crucial for any company to build trust with its employees and partners, and to continue to innovate.

The foundation of authentic leadership training is developing self-awareness and self-objectivity. It is impossible to participate in a circle without seeing yourself through others’ eyes, receiving feedback, or experiencing different ways of seeing the world through others’ communication. Since this is a core principle of the practice, training focuses on the continual development of self-awareness and internal transparency.

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In this training we will

  • Get multiple experiences of leadership in a safe container, with ample feedback. Have the opportunity to try new things, get negative or positive results, and try again. 

  • Work with multiple different personal and theoretical leadership edges during the weekend.

  • Discover your personal, unique superpowers and kryptonites - the “gifts only you can bring” - and learn to use these effectively in leadership.

  • Learn how to balance yin (flow) and yang (structure) in leadership

  • See vulnerability, empathy, and flexibility modeled in leadership

  • Build community with each other

  • Optional (based on the needs/desires of the audience): learn to set agreements, navigate conflict, take shares, and/or plan the flow of a Games Night.

  • Develop or further your skill in Authentic Relating concepts such as: 

    • owning experience

    • taking self-responsibility

    • expressing internal states

    • awareness of and ability to reveal personal context and intentions

    • seeing others' realities as unique and equally valuable

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, managers, therapists, practitioners, coaches, parents, and purpose-seekers. Anyone who wants to become a more effective leader — whether for business, community-building, or personal growth purposes — will gain valuable skills from attending this workshop.

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The Importance of Community

Almost all developmental researchers agree that the larger systems and communities one is a part have a gravitational effect on individuals. If you spend the majority of your time in a particular culture, you are likely to be influenced by it.

While this is basically common sense, making a conscious effort to spend time with people who can push your developmental edges and support your growth is a difficult process—it often involves taking a risk to get more intimate with people we usually admire from a distance and spending less time with people who reinforce ways of being that are no longer serving us.

For this reason, the training is 3 full days with a closed cohort, where attention is put specifically on cohering the group as well as developing personal leadership skills. The program is designed to leverage the strength of the community to integrate new leadership capacities into daily practice.

Meet the team

Sara Ness

Sara is the founder and CEO of Authentic Revolution. In 2012, at 20 years old, Sara founded still-ongoing learning communities in Austin and Houston that became two of the biggest AR groups in the world. She has gone on to work with tens of thousands of students in sectors from Google to Mindvalley to Burning Man. Sara's publications - including The Authentic Relating Games Manual, the core text of the Authentic Relating field - have helped seed 100+ communities in every continent (except Antarctica...yet!)

Sara is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and exploring our creative potential through group process.

Geof Krum

Director of Authentic Revolution’s Facilitation Academy, Geof is experienced in training and consulting with leaders in facilitation, mutual learning, and group process design. 

He has been producing events for 15 years at scale and worked in areas from vendor operations to volunteer programs, in some instances with over 1000 volunteers engaged per event. His professional training background includes designing and implementing training and leadership development initiatives for staff in excess of 1500 front-line employees, coordinating multi-disciplinary teams to meet complex training objectives. 

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From course graduates

This course was absolutely transformational.

Today I am performing better in work, living better in life, and connecting better with my baby.

There is something really special about the composition of your course: the balance between the pod, triads, and group/individual exercises; the room for both personal and professional development; and the je ne sais quio that finally brought my presence into the room.

Bronwyn Green, project manager/ economist

I've been attending workshops literally for 30+ years and I think this was among the most organised and well structured that I've experienced.

I love your transparency, your willingness to give us you all you've got, and the fresh dynamic that you bring together as a team. Can't wait for the advanced course. I'm all in!

Sheri Kay, dentist/ trainer/ death doula

The training was a life changer for me.

I was able to deconstruct another layer that was blocking me from my purpose. And I was able to rewrite my story of what leadership looks like.

I learned more skills in reading and navigating what arises in a room of people. And, most important to me, I felt well held and loved during the entire process, even when I was at my messiest!

Thank you both for doing your work to be in a place to offer and hold this amazing course.

Dana Larsen, intimacy coach

I was heading toward numbness and feel like I got re-directed back toward my actual self.

Wilde Parry, teacher

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  • Authentic Relating Full Games Manual
  • Bonus videos from Authentic Revolution's Facilitation Academy 

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Further testimonials

I found that this workshop gave me a way to embody and play with ideas I learned through my training as a life and business coach.

I gained beautiful insight about myself, gained tons of ideas for workshops and new approaches with my clients and experienced a lightness and new depth of freedom in my experiences with others.

I am excited to continue to process this experience and to see what other insights I discover. Thank you for a beautiful and powerfully facilitated experience.

Megan Taylor Morrison, coach

Not only was the training worth every penny and every hour spent with the other participants, but the seemingly limitless insights and multi-dynamic skillsets of the facilitators was beyond expectation and I dare say unquantifiable.

It was a life-changing experience. This is not some weekend training designed to give you a bag of goodies and a manual to go out and lead a game.

This is a training that helped to change me as a person so that I would be able to develop my own bag of goodies and manual from my heart; a training that changed me as a person to be able to help change the world. In short: go, learn, have fun, and be amazed.

Chris Gongaware, Coast Guard

I wish I could transmit all the breakthroughs, breakdowns, processing, soul connections, pushback, ecstatic laughter, and human realness that happened this week.

What I am personally taking away is not just some set of knowledge or skill set I can apply in various situations, but more of a way of being.

Leadership became something I was able to internalise as a way to live my life, to the point where when I reached the threshold I had previously had anxiety about, and spoke to a room of 50 introducing an exercise on connection, I just breathed and told them a story.

A story of how I looked around a similar circle in the past week and instead of being inhibited by my patterns of wanting to know if they were connected to me, if they wanted to listen, or if I mattered to them, I looked at each of them and told them that they all mattered to me.

Jeremy Riddell-Kaufmann, therapist