Anastasis Tzanis & Ana Carvalho

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Anastasis is a certified WHM practitioner since 2016 and also a qualified Yoga teacher since 2014. He can be found in London where he teaches at the Light Centre, and he also runs a successful practice as health practitioner offering movement, breathing training and nutritional programmes. After servicing the Greek Special Forces as a paratrooper for 1 year, trading currency derivates in New York and London for 7 and picking up a couple of other dopamine-driven hobbies along the way, in 2009 Anastasis started practicing yoga and studying nutritional science. During his years in banking he became aware of how much stress challenges the health of city professionals. It's his current mission to raise awareness around the need for Mind Body connection; which he thinks can make people smarter!

Ana is a movement teacher with a unique background in dance, pilates & sports therapy spanning more than 20 years. She has also studied craniosacral therapy & the Oxygen Advantage Breathing Method over the past few years, which she now combines with her movement practice.

Join their workshops at the summer festival:

  • AcroYoga

  • Breathing

  • Wim Hof Ice Bath

Accommodation and Registration

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