Meet Your Longing


What do you long for?

In our goal oriented culture, having unmet longings can be painful, creating a feeling of lack. As we try to protect ourselves from that we tend to lose touch with our longing. We can think our longing foolish or irrelevant or unobtainable. We can close ourselves down to the richness of being that comes with those qualities of yearning.

The thing is we often mix up longing with goals. Our true longing is innocent, can be poetic, absurd, creative, wonderful, it opens us up to understanding more of who we are. It enriches us to just acknowledge it. Getting in touch with and admitting our longings is an act of great intimacy with ourselves.

Goals on the other hand have a start and a finish and leave fixed results (not always the ones we expected). They are either successful or unsuccessful. Though goals can of course be useful and fulfilling too, in this session we will explore in the direction of our longing without the need for ‘achievement’.

We will bring our curiosity to explore what is it that we actually long for? We will learn to trust our longing, no matter how odd it may seem. We will explore our relationship with longing, unconcerned with the goal of achieving it. 

This session is led by Intimacy and Connection coach Adam Wilder, founder of Shhh Dating and House of Togetherness.

Adam Taffler