Blossoming into a New World with Alexandra Cachia


So many of us are called to find purpose in supporting a "better" world! We feel disappointed with the state of the World and wish it to be different. We wish there to be more care for the environment, more peace in humanity, less poverty; among so many other things. Its easy to point fingers and blame, feeling resentful towards those leading and in power. While there are still things going on in the World that upset, horrify, confuse and anger us... its not or cue to numb ourselves or even rant. Its our cue to go higher. The World will know Peace when our collective vibration demands it.

This workshop will focus on taking a different perspective on "trying" to save the world, where we can empower each other to step into this time of union and act from a natural flow of expression rather from a forceful space of resistance.

This is for anyone who feels unhappy with the state of the world and has a desire for a new way to lead, live and love.

Alexandra Cachia, the Compost Queen turns shit into gold, she has worked in Permaculture for the last 4 years. Obtained her PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) at Terra Alta Portugal, then worked on a Permaculture Educational Centre in Malta for 3 years called the Creativity Vortex. In 2016 she completed the Earthship Academy tuition at Earthship Biotecture in Toas, New Mexico. Alex has been project managing and hosting numerous 'Workshop and Healing’ areas' at all the major festivals in Malta and Gozo since 2014; creating sacred spaces for growth in permaculture, sustainability, spirituality and a more holistic way to thrive not just survive. 

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