Storytelling with Rozalie Hilton


A fireside session of true life tales. come to share and be witnessed in the retelling of your real-life moments after some gentle preparation and coaching. access truth, humor and collective insight through the trust to hear the highlights of others pivotal times of transformation...

laugh, cry, wince, and commiserate together - Like a concentrated dose of best bits of a three o'clock in the morning kitchen-table chat with your best friend...

About Roza

Rozalie is a travelling artist facilitator who lives to inspire self-expression and wonder. 

She works freelance on all manner of retreats, events and workshops and uses creative tools such as puppetry, games, story and ritual to validate each persons unique experience and enable insight, connection and change.

Rozalie loves to play; and values community, communication and authentic relating. She works 1:1 as a mentor for self awareness, andyou can also find her on the teams of Wild Women Retreats and Catalista Leadership (amongst other happenings).

She has forged a radical existence from her passions, and it's her favourite thing to see other people unfurl into more and more of their own truth.

Rozalie's performance alter ego is Beryl The Feral, whose book of poetry is available through Burning Eye publishers.

Accommodation and Registration