Kundalini Yoga with Dominik Zaerin


Amrita Ceremony:

In this ceremony,  we come together to celebrate being truly awakened human beings. The Sanskrit, 'Amrita' means 'Immortality/ Nectar', and is the sacred drink of the Gods/ Devas - granting those who consume it the ability to attain higher levels of knowledge, power, and wisdom. 

Through Kundalini inspired Ariya Yoga, free-flow ecstatic dance, simple meditation and mantra methods, and tantric techniques we will enter sacred space within and around us.

Together, we will create this charged and fertile environment,  in which we can remove our armour, peel off our masks, and open our hearts so that we may meet each other in strong, honest communion, giving an opportunity for humans to make authentic emotional and energetic connection with one another, and collectively inviting the presence of the divine into the collective space. 

From this space only can we manifest our intentions and, nurture creativity and be growth and establish a new, embodied truth... and thus, attain 'Amrita'.

Ariya Yoga: translated from sanskrit meaning 'pure union', Ariya Yoga is a powerful, energetic and inspiring form of yoga practice designed to help humans make direct contact with their kundalini energy and divine potency in a simple way. 

Yang Style: Yang is the active masculine principle of the universe,  associated with heaven, heat, light, and power. This yoga practice focuses on activating and expanding these qualities within ourselves, this increasing our energy, strength, willpower, and inspiration.  This is a vigorous and energetic yoga class, please be prepared to sweat, penetrate your resistance,  send your energy upward, and push the self toward its greatest heights. 

Yin Style: Yin is the passive feminine principle of the universe,  associated with earth, cold, darkness, and surrender. This yoga practice focuses on allowing and deepening these qualities within ourselves, thus receiving relaxation,  grace,  grounding, and deep healing. This is a calm and sensitive yoga class, please be willing to be subtle, surrender to feeling, send your energy inward, and pull the self back to its authentic depths.

Dominik Zaerin earned his education and honed his craft under several renowned teachers in London, where he grew up. Dominik has worked as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Energy-worker, Massage Therapist, and Life Coach for over 10 years now, with the aim of helping his clients feel better in a holistic way. He offers his work in the form of private sessions, public classes and events, immersion programmes, and group retreats. Through his commitment, experience, and expertise Dominik’s clients gain greater levels of well-being, relaxation, strength and feel more inspired. Dominik now lives in the countryside of Austria but still visits London on occasion to offer his work and teachings to all those that seek him out.

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