Storytelling with Rozalie Hilton


A fireside session of true life tales. come to share and be witnessed in the retelling of your real-life moments after some gentle preparation and coaching. access truth, humor and collective insight through the trust to hear the highlights of others pivotal times of transformation...

laugh, cry, wince, and commiserate together - Like a concentrated dose of best bits of a three o'clock in the morning kitchen-table chat with your best friend...

About Roza

Roza established Playfighting UK with inspiration and practices from BDSM, contact improvisation, cuddle parties, martial arts, and her own rambunctiousness,  in the hope of creating a regular peer-group and generating interest for more intensive dedicated play weekends. She is a professional facilitator of creative play and interactive arts events. Based mainly in the South West, she devises and delivers bespoke experiences for workshop and retreats. Her tools range from ritual through puppetry, poetry, games, stories, and theatre; but her aim is always to validate and affirm authentic expression. Rozalie has trained in Playfighting with International Bodyplay teachers Frank and Sheila, but has no specific martial arts background and mostly just loves to feel the force of other bodies, engaged in playful dialogue through contact and resistance. Rozalie is currently founding the Playfighting UK network and aims to establish a culture of regular peer arenas.

The 90 minute workshop at Togetherness will be a taster session to learn some basic techniques, have a practice and get you an idea of what to expect from Playfighting experiences.

Accommodation and Registration