NEON Life Drawing with Sam Farleigh


We invite you to enter the magical psychedelic world of neon UV life drawing.

Where you will push the limits of creative expression and observation of the human form. In a darkened room with powerful UV lights the naked model will be covered head to toe in dramatic neon artwork.

You will spend time developing your artistic skills in new and exciting ways drawing the model in a number of different poses capturing the light, colour and shapes you see.

This will be a magical, fun exploration of the creative process in a new exciting way led by a trained expressive art practitioner.

Sam Farleigh is a qualified Art psychotherapist and have worked for a number of years supporting people of all ages facing a large range of life challenges. His work has focused on adult and childhood mental health and is passionate about the use of art as a tool to allow people to understand and manage the difficulties they may be facing in life.

Sam has always been driven to create and to express himself through making art and has also felt connected and able to help others feel seen and accepted. He creates many different types of sessions that help people reconnect with their inner creative expression; to feel more connected with themselves and their emotions.

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