Connection and Disconnection: a playful exploration of interpersonal neurobiology with James Jesso

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We are wired for connection. It is, in fact, a biological imperative. In this workshop, we will explore the somatic experience, and theoretical understanding of connection, disconnection, and repair through movement, partner exercises, and some (but not too much!) lecturing.

No previous movement experience needed; all levels and abilities will are welcome.

James W. Jesso is an author, public speaker, and podcast host with focusing on psychedelic research, psychotherapy, and culture. Adventures Through The Mind — his podcast and youtube channel — is an effort to contribute to the psychedelic culture at large. Featuring interviews with luminaries in science, art, and culture across a range of disciplines.

James is also a passionate and experienced mover who will be bringing us two workshops that blend his psychedelic work and his near-decade, world-wide exploration of contact improvisation, an improvisational dance form.

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