Unleash Your Sacred Sexy Freestyle with Dave Rock


Imagine if Hafiz had a love-child with Mary Oliver, and that love-child became a freestyle genius. You are that genius. Unleash your inner freestyle flow and let loose with juiced up cosmic and comic love rants. Anyone can freestyle, once they know the stepping stones to verbal flow. And fuck it feels amazing. It's pure lucid state creative liberation. This workshop is a zero-pressure, inclusive, everyone can do it dive into your freest speaking self. 


"Dave Rock is up there with the greats." Jamie Catto. 

Dave Rock is a highly embodied, completely co-creative poet. He loves creating experiences of intense connection and collective release. His work finds playful, heartfelt ways to voice grief, praise, and the chaotic grace of life. Every gig is a chance to drop into the living pulse of poetry within us all. He's been performing for over a decade, and featured at many major festivals and frequently placed in the top ranks of Ireland's slams. But he does nearly all of his performing off the radar, in fields, round fires, and alone out in nature. 


Check out his workshops at www.flowspeaking.com and listen to some poems on Bandcamp