How to Spit Fireworks - Freestyle Spoken Word Show with Dave Rock


Join freestyle spoken word poet Dave Rock for a cocktail of ecstatic rants, lyrical fireworks and softly budding words of love. Dave will offer up a mosaic of reflections on the meanings and meaninglessness of falling in love with life and our gifts. Or maybe about something completely different. Some stuff he wrote down earlier. Some stuff brand new streamed from lucid consciousness fuelled by the thoughts offered to him on the spot. Expect zesty raucous outbursts, raw passion and unconditional silliness. Expect chances to yell out majestically yourself. Expect intense devotion to love and hope in hurt and verse. Expect tender moments of silent togetherness. Expect the unexpected. Or don't. 


"Dave Rock is up there with the greats." Jamie Catto. 

Dave Rock is a highly embodied, completely co-creative poet. He loves creating experiences of intense connection and collective release. His work finds playful, heartfelt ways to voice grief, praise, and the chaotic grace of life. Every gig is a chance to drop into the living pulse of poetry within us all. He's been performing for over a decade, and featured at many major festivals and frequently placed in the top ranks of Ireland's slams. But he does nearly all of his performing off the radar, in fields, round fires, and alone out in nature. 


Check out his workshops at and listen to some poems on Bandcamp

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